“Acacia Henley Beach Director and Co-owner Elisa Mercurio has used her café’s beachside backdrop to merge her love of sophisticated city dwellings with a relaxed beach vibe.

She opened the venue on Boxing Day 2017, and it has become the local hangout for customers to enjoy high quality coffee, food, wine, and service. 

 “We want our customers to have an all around sensory experience,” Elisa says. “We were certainly concerned about the interior design aesthetics. However, we’ve used a combination of subtle textures and materials to create a refined, welcoming space centred around the Modbar.””



The sleek fit-out would be at home in the inner-city suburbs of the eastern states, but here it is at beachy Henley. The excellent coffee is from Ona Coffee & Normcore and the food is simple yet sophisticated.